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Thursday, December 01, 2005 long never blog le too lazy ba..for the past few days in hong kong, I have been going shopping and lazing around at home with my siblings.Miss my friends alot, especially joan..haha..miss all the long talks which we usually do when I am in singapore.Holidays are like ending already december le.One more month then school start le.Must really buck up next year.'N'Levels next year. I also must learnt how to be more independent next year..if not when I graduate le..then..Anyway, still in hong kong now.Will be going back to singapore in a few days time.Can't wait!Miss the life in singapore,going out with friends, going for church services and cell group meetings.
Still pondering over the 14th of dec to 16th dec thingy.There is a combined cell group chalet coming up.Donnoe whether I should go anot.Afterall I am not that kind who like to hang out at places with many people.But at the same time, I also want to take this good opportunity to socialise"Jing Tui Liang Nan". A lot of E328 outing I already missed I don wan to keep on missing..I am part of E328 too...cannot always suddenly just disappear..sigh..I think I must really learn how to fellowship more.This is one big hurdle I have to overcome.Not to worry.Jesus will help me in going over this "Big" hurdle.Once I am on the other side of the hurdle, then I will not be so "quiet" le.Hope this miracle will happen on me.I really want to be changed from a "quiet" girl to a girl who knows how to socialise with others.Can't wait for my walk with Jesus next year. I am sure I will succeed if I persevere

Monday, October 31, 2005

I am really very mentally tired le...just donnoe whats wrong with me these few days. My friends said that eversince the israeli's students came, my attitude has changed. But the fact is because I am supposed to take care of her since I am her host. I really am not trying to please her, but just trying to do my part as a host, since I have signed up for this exchange programme.On the first few days, I did not really talk or entertain her, so was reprimanded by the teacher. However, now when the programme was about to end in a few days time, my friends said I am too focused on trying to please her and had forsaken God without knowing. I admit that because of the exchange programme, I missed about 2 cell group meetings and 2 church services.Which means that I have not worshipped and praised God for 2 whole weeks. No wonder my fellow friends will say that I am too keen on pleasing my buddy, instead of God. But, I also have my own difficulties. I did not plan for this whole thing to turn out this way. But now since it has already happened, I should try to solve this problem myself. However, I am really sad that some of my friends were not really happy with me because of this incident. What I want to say is, I really did not thought of forsaking God because of her. I don't want everyone to be unhappy because of me.
Afterall, my birthday is coming soon and I have already planned long ago to celebrate at my house with all E328 members.But now it seemed that Cuen is quite disappointed with me, so I donnoe whether she will come...sobsob..hope that it will "Yu Guo Tian Qing" and everything will be back to normal after the exchange programme has ended..Cuen and Joan, sorry for disappointing you all..

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The israeli students have been in singapore for about 3 and a 1/2 fays already...time really flies.I am quite happy that I joined this exchange programme, because I could learn about the life of students in israel, their culture and some of the common words pronounced in Hebrew.My buddy is so beautiful...unlike me..dats why sometimes I feel that I am the odd one out during excursions,my buddy tok to her israeli friends and I left alone..stoning at one is really terrible without joan, my best friend. I think in the whole world, only Lord, Jesus, and Joan understands me...sometimes I think that Joan is a gift from God, because I really can't tink of other people who is close to me. People whom I can pour out my feelings to..sometimes I wonder, what would happen to me if I lose Joan as a friend?? I think I will suffer from depression and end up in the asylum. I know dat no man is perfect, except for God, but so far to me, besides God, Joan is the second person who really understands me well. Joan, I will always treat and regard you as my best friend forever, no matter what happens. I hope dat you will be willing to be my bestfriend forever...I cannot afford to lose the friendship which is given to me, from God..

Friday, October 21, 2005

Yeah! Finally can start to blog again, since that person who spam my blog is gone. Exams are finally over and looking at the results which I had gotten, I am quite satisfied.Especially history and P.O.A.So surprised that I got 33/50 for history and 82.5/100 for P.O.A. To me, school holidays have started, because I have taken part in a israeli-exchange programme and they would be coming next monday, which means that I do not need to go to school anymore, as I would be going for excursions with the israeli students. Can't wait for them to arrive. I bet it will be very fun for the next 10 days.

However, despite my happiness over this matter, I am also quite depressed at the same time. Donnoe for what leh haha.Just feeling down these few days. Maybe because I am not happy with my life.I must learn how to step out in faith and become a more confident person, just like wat Cuen told me.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Haiz...i tried..but to no avail...I still cannot learn how to control my feelings...i still get stressed up when the exams are near..all the stuffs which I have to squeezed into my pathetic brain...Food and Nutrition, Social Studies, History,Maths, Chemistry and last but not least, Physics...only chinese and P.O.A donnID to some also...haiz..Jesus, help me!

Targets for my year end overall results:

Subjects Grade

1.English A2
2.Chinese A1
3.Maths B4
4.Chemistry A2
5.Physics A1
6.Food and Nutrition A1
7.Social Studies A2
8.Elec.History A2
9.P.O.A A1

Saturday, September 10, 2005

back from hong kong was nice spending time with my family mum, elder sis, younger sis and I went shopping almost everyday..We arrived at hong kong on the 3rd of Sep, then went back to our second home to put down our belongings then had dinner at the clubhouse with my relatives staying there. After dinner, we went to venture the clubhouse and its various facilities. We came to a stop at the games room with many facilities inside. There was billard, mini soccer where we use our hands to play and a kind of arcade game which I have no idea what's it called,but it can only be played but 2 person. Each person will stand at one end of the table and the aim of the game is to try and push a chip into the opponent goal without letting your opponent do the same. Anyway, after playing for a few hours, my relatives went back home while my family and I went back to our house and rest for the night.
The next day, we went to visit my dad's friend and had luch together in a chinese restaurant. The food in hong kong was delicious! For the next few days, my mum, elder sis, younger sis and I went shopping in the morning till bought a lot of stuffs including clothes, sweets and stuffs..only thursday we stayed at home bacause we wanted to rest before our flight back to singapore, later in the afternoon.
The thing that really caught my attention during my stay in hong kong was the schools..there were a few schools which I saw had a church beside it and they are
under one compound, which means that pupils can go to the church anytime they good...there is also a hospital called the "St Pauls Hospital"

So happy that I got first in class for this term..I feel really blessed by God. Never in my life have I thought about getting 1st in class, cos there were classmates better then me..I am really thankful for God's blessings..
Final term exam coming le..I will study hard and try my best in the exams..but Lord, I pray that you will guide me through all the exams and help me to maintain my standard..In Jesus name I pray, amen.

P.s I will reap what I have sowed.God will definitely multiply the seeds which I have planted..

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Haiz...somethings really wrong..I feel very happy when I am in church but the moment I reached home, I start to become gloomy..Maybe its because no one understands me..its not that I wanna abandon my family after knowing God, but they just don't seem to understand.Maybe its not that they don't understand..amybe its persecution...Really hope that one day they will understand...
Anyway, went to church today with Cuen Cuen and JiXian.Today's service was fun and interesting..Pastor Ulf came all the way from Sweden to preach to us.I couldn't resist the temptations of buying the "Cross" dvd, so I borrowed 25 bucks from Cuen Cuen today to buy the dvd.Will return the money to her later on Friday during Cell Group Meeting.The next time I will be going for church service will be one month later, which is after my final term exams..sigh..muz wait so long before I can go back there again.All I can do now is to pray that my parents will allow me to go to church for one last time before the September holidays end, which is the last day of Sep holidays..:)




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