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Monday, August 23, 2004

Went to school today and pass my english fear is over...tmr i still have co after school as usual...very tired...but nvm..i will hold on...

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Tomorrow I have to return back to school liao tired...i realise that it is worst if i don go to school and study but rest at home instead during sat and sun as i will still have to go back to school every sat for my cca.I am very tired...for the whole week I only have sun to rest..but nvm..i will try to sleep earlier and have enough sleep so that i will not feel tired for the whole last the musical cd is out and i will be collecting it frm mrs loke tomorrow..hope that i will be able to find her after school..she always gets missing after school hours.Really miss "my" tony and his friends...haven't seen them for about 4 months.The last time I seen them was during april..actually the last time they came was this month for the Singapore Firework Festival.But i did not get to see them as I do not have enough money to buy the t-shirt which cost almost 20 dollars.The t-shirt is compulsory for a person to enter the standing area where the "fans"can get closer to their idols...too bad..i miss a chance..but nvm cos they are coming again soon for the "Music Awards 2004" hope that this time i will be able to fetch them from the airport or at least get to see them on television..i muz really study hard for the coming will be the final exam for this year..i muz get good results so that i will be able to go for their concert which will be held maybe next year...ok..think it's about time to go to sleep..Xie Zhi Wan An....

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Spend the whole day at school juz because of c.o. I really hate co .Have so many practices wan..oso so long hours.BUt next year i will be quitting for sure.So confused this few days over the geog and science notes.Hope i can memorise them soon.By the way,my cousin Janice is coming back to Singapore soon...yeah!!!we can talk and play again.....

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I had a tired day today.Went back home from school then have music lesseon and tuition.So tired...but i m glad that i do not nid to go for c.o practice tomorrow as i would not be performing next friday as i have something on.Really stress out this few days.Chinese test,lit test and science test coming up..really hope i can hold on and remember my work as i do not want to fail my exams at the end of the year...i will try my that end of the year i can go to hong kong to meet my cousin..

Monday, August 16, 2004

Hi! Change my blog again...but this time I think i will not change it for a long time..the music is nice and I also like the pics..Nothing much to write actually..oh ya.My aunty monica(maid)sis juz arrived singapore todae.She will be staying at the agent hse for a nite.Tomorrow go my grangma hse then can see her excited,wonder how she look like and how my aunty will react after seeing her sister.She has not seen her for almost 4 years..

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Long time didn't write my blog liao...There is the person that likes to go to my blog and say all the bad things about my family friends..wonder who that person is...but all thanks to my sis,after scolding that "annoymous" person,that person did not post comment for a long time liao...haha..serves him rite...but i will find out who is that person one day....




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