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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Found out today that Joan really had chicken pox..she feel very sad as the exams are starting on monday and it seems like she confirm cannot take the exam already.It is all my fault.I should not have gone so near to her when I know that I was not feeling well.But at the same time,I also think that she is very lucky because she have chicken pox then have MC so she do not need to take the exam and can still go to sec 3 next year....So good..if I were her then I would feel so happy,not like now,so stress up.Just done a science test on Refraction and Reflection just now.Managed to pass but only with a mark of 54 percent.I think that it is not good enough.Normally my science is A1.How come after being absent from school for two weeks then everything forget liao??But luckily this is a new topic that I have just learnt.So even if I managed to pass with a borderline result,it is good enough.Anyway,the exam paper is not going to come out all questions on that topic.I am better with the Atoms and Molecules chapter as well as Digestion.So fast then the exams are here.I am really getting freaked out.Hope that I wll be able to sustain my english standard with at least a score of 70/100.I also hope that my science will reamin at A1.Besides all these,I also have targets for my coming exams.Let me list them out now...Eng-70/100,Sci-72/100,Mt-80/100,Ma-60/100,Lit-50/100,Geog-55/100,DnT-50/100.Really hope that I can achieve these results and get at least a position of 8/40 for my progress report end of this term.I really want to get back to my previous position,as it is among the top ten position.If I can get all these results,then I would be able to enjoy my holidays at the end of the year..Dear god,please help me to achieve these results at the end of the year,and at the same time I will also study hard for my coming exams.Amen.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Today is the last day of school before the exams start...I do not nid to go to school tomorrow as my school is giving as e-learning programme.Tomorrow going to Janice's house to revise Geography and science..talking about science...todae during science lesson,Mr Tan teach me all the things that I have missed out during the two weeks of MC.He used his microphone to teach me in front of the whole class and keep on asking me to answer questions on that chapter after that.He kept on calling my name in front of the whole class and I feel so embarrassed and extra at that time as the whole class was practically listening to what they have already learn.Joan was having a high fever during the last period before recess today so during recess I folowed her to go and find Mr Tan before going for my DnT lesson.Her fever was so high that it shot up to38.1 degrees..Oh My..I have never had such a high fever before..I really worry for her.She called me just now and said that she even has spots on her face and body.I hope that I have not pass my chicken pox to her if not I will really be ashamed of myself.Exams are coming next week and if she really gets chicken pox that means she cannot go to school for two weeks than she would not be able to take her exam.I have just recovered and I do not want to cause her to have chicken pox and cannot take exam while I go and take my exams.I really do not want to "hai" my best friend.Hope that she will go and see a doctor as soon as possible so that she will recover faster at the same time.Anyway,my other best friend,Janice went to my house today after school.We were suppose to study but in the end she just test me a few questions on geography then we went to the playground and play the swing.She went home around 6.45pm.We did not study much today so I decided to go to her house tomorrow so I can revise my work with her again.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Exams are getting nearer and nearer and I am getting more and more tense up..Studied my science and geog really hard this few weeks as they are my weaker subjects.Having a hrad time with my geography but who cares??I will just try my best to absorb all the notes into my brain.My big sis has been really depressed this feww days because of her prelims results....hope that she would cheer up soon...Really really hope that I will pass my geog exam this time...I will give my best shot and see the results that I would get ...Hope that my hardwork will be paid off this time.I seem to fail my geog everytime..As for my maths,I will try to remember all the formula and pass the exam also..Wake up very early in the morning today to go to school for my chinese oral exam.But when I went there,I was told by my form teacher not to take the exam and so I went home immediately..What a waste of time...but at least I get to go out and have some fresh air...Got chickenpox last week and would be returning to school next monday..Haven't went out of the house for the past few days and I am really getting bored..but at last I can return to school and see all my good buddies again...

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Why do I feel so stress up???Why does examinations seems so frightening to me???I think I will flare badly for my exams this time round..I am the stupidest girl in the world..always fail geography although studying so hard to pass it everytime...Why must I go through this pain??Hope this will all be over soon so that I can relax and play...Gladys, muz relax more ,don't get too tense up k???Really hope that I can pass my geog exam this time...worried about science many things to memorise..I already give up hope on my lit..hope that my other subjects will be able to help me in my class position..I dropped badly from 8 to 13...Maybe too stress up or not hardworking enough??I don't noe..will find out the end of the year...

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Oh!! No!! There is more to learn for my coming exams...3 more chapters is added for me to learn for my geog exam as well as 1 chapter for my science...stress :( should i take my exams????or should i let go of this opportunity??????i m really in a dilema these few days..this question kepps on playing in my mind...someone plz help dad has juz bought me a new mp3 player and i do not want to disappoint him...he said before to let me choose,but i donnoe...i m very stress and don feel like taking this exam,but at the same time i do not want to disappoint my dad.After all he has bought me a new mp3 player only he is here right now...i feel so lonely without him....

Monday, September 20, 2004

Back at LasT

Hi everyone,i m back at last after a week of staying in the hospital.Chicken pox has cos me to stay in hospital and go through all the painful days...Needles were practically seen almost everyday.Skip my english and chinese paper 1 and sch for 2 weeks.So stressed out.Exams are coming after 1 more week....glad to be back at last...but i m really stress out for the coming final year exams...hope that this will be over soon.




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