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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Went out with my sis today.Went to BK to eat and also bought a soft toy from TY.After that we went to bugis to window shop then we ate Taco Pachi.Overall it was not really fun cos I had stomach cramps all day long.Nothing much today.Bye catcha 18er~

Friday, October 22, 2004

School term will be ending for this year on 29th Oct,Friday.Which is next week.Got back some of my exams results and were both surprised and disappointed with them.My chinese is good and surprisingly my Geography too.This is the good news for me..but I failed my English and DnT.Really scared that I will be retained next year.My form teacher said that 4 pupils would be retained and did not mention the names so this give me the creeps that I would be one of them.In order to go to sec 3 next year,I would need to pass 4 other subjects if I failed my English.So far,I have passed 2 subjects which are science and chinese.My MCQ for geography is quite well done so I think I would be able to pass.Left with Literature and Maths.If I failed both of them,then I think I would need to be retained next year..thinking of this scares me a lot.But wat can I do??It is over and I cannot change my results already.This few days went to school only to play cards.Fun, but some teachers don't allow us to play.Monday is a marking day for my school and I will be inviting my friends over for a gathering.Few days ago it was my sister who invited her frineds so now it is my turn.Janice and Joan confirmed with me that they are coming but for Maria,Geraldine,Sigit and Wei Chong say that they should be able to come.Hope all of them turn up for my gathering.I have to do 10 chinese newspaper article for my chinese homework and the due date is the beginning of next year.I have already done two and is going on to my third article.Aiming to complete it by next week so I can enjoy my holidays during November and December.Exams are over but tonight still have to go for my chinese tuition.So sianz...the lesson is so boring and I hate oral practices.Hope today's lesson is on composition.Would be going to Cold Storage later before my tuition to buy some titbits for my gathering on Monday.Thats all for today..catcha guys 18er~

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Yeah!!All the suffering is over.Tomorrow is my last exam which is dnt.Tried learning it but could not even understand a single word.I prefer Homec to dnt as it is much easier.Actually my last exam is on thurs but it is only chinese listening compre so it doesn't matter.Tomorrow I will be going out with Maria and Janice after the exam.The exam will end around 9.30 and it is so early.We will be going to Tampines Mall straight away after the exam and we will be eating lunch together and taking neoprints.So long never go out with my friends.The last time I went out with Janice was during the June holidays.Can't wait for tomorrow to arrive.I am so excited about the trip.Especially when it is the first time going out with Maria also.Think we will really have a great time tomorrow.But right now I will have to study at least half an hour of dnt to get prepared for tomorrow's exam.Gtg ppl c ya 18er~

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Yeah!!!Finished all my important exams already and left only my maths paper 1 and dnt exam.At last I can rest already.A few more weeks then the school term will be over soon..then I can enjoy my holidays.Going to Hong Kong to visit my cousin and have a holiday there.I watched Singapore Idol yesterday and was really disappointed with the results.I cannot believe that my favourite David Yeo was voted out!!!How can it be??He is so cute and have quite a lot of fans wat..Muz be because of the stupid Jerry Ong.He doesn't even have the looks and cannot sing at all,but he is STILL in the competiton!!!I am so pissed out.Must be his church members all vote for him want.Not fair.How can like that.Even the judges are also very disappointed with the results.Saw David's eyes going red yesterday when he heard that he was voted out.So poor thing.His singing is not bad but why is he voted out???!!!But nevermind.At least he is studying law,which is a good choice.This is for david(Hope you will cheer up and not be so sad about the competiton.At least you have tried your best...I will always support you.)

Monday, October 04, 2004

Today went to school for my english and science exams.Quite difficult,but I managed to finish the whole paper.Hope that I will be able to pass my english with at least a score of 65/100.Forget some facts on science when doing my exam paper,but managed to do all the questions too.So nevermind.Tomorrow is my chinese exam.But I don need to be so stress up cos chinese is my favourite subject and I usually get good marks.But of course I still must study for the exam.I think I will not target my results so high,because if the results come out and not so good then I will be really disappointed.So I have plan new targets:

Wish everyone and myself good luck in their exams.Thats to go and study my chinese now.Bye!




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