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Friday, November 26, 2004

My sisters and I were supposed to go swimming today,but it turned out that we could not go because the weather was not so good and it was raining the whole morning.So today there is nothing much to do.We just stayed at home to play the computer. Anyway,my computer is fixed already.So I can chat to my friends online and check my mail.I just had my lunch and it was delicious.We had rice with nuggets,an omellete and some fried small fish.I did not write my blog yesterday as I was very tired.My mum brought us to Sakae Sushi to eat yesterday and we ate a total of 20 plates.The food there was delicious.We had not been there for a long time.After that we went shopping for a while then we went to TCC for a drink.The bluberry cheese cake and cafe latte was nice.Then around 4.30 p.m my younger sister went for her ballet lesson and we waited for her.Nothing to tok already.I guess it is time to stop now.Bye!Catca 18er~

Saturday, November 20, 2004 tired todae.I went to Tampines mall just now with my sister and also went to the library to collect my cip hours done in the library.Besides that,I also went with my sister to attend the meeting of Singapore Idol finalists,Sylvester and Taufik.Many people were over there.Young and old.There were also many fans of Sylvester and Taufik screaming all the way when they saw their idols.My sister was like going crazy over him and trying to take photoes of him.After that,they went for a 30 minutes break and when they return,my sister was waiting at the drop off point for the van in order to see her favourite Sylvester Sim.I was not interested at all and just stood there watching her waiting outside the van and trying to take photoes of Sylvester Sim.So lucky.It was so so close.Less then 1 metre away from each other,except for the piece of glass between them.I am not jealous,but I think that my sister was really fated to see him at a close distance.I have tried ways of getting real close to Xie Zhi when he and his buddies come to Singapore for autograph sessions.But I never seem fated to be with him.I always got sick when it was nearing their autograph session and when I went to the airport to fetch him,I did not get to see him.There was once when I went with my friend to the airport to send him off as he was going back to taiwan.But in the end,we missed him by a few minutes.We almost get to see him but when we get there,he had already went in to the boarding gate.Another time was when he and his buddies come to Singapore for an autograph session .When they were going back,I went to the airport and waited for them for 6 hours.But again failed to meet them.Why am I so unfated to meet him close in person???Why?Maybe it is heaven's will.Really miss Xie Zhi a lot.I don't know when I can get to see him again. janice don want to do cip anymore,so I have to do with joan.But I find it very hard to contact her these few days.I was trying to contact her for the whole day yesterday but still no reply from her.I call her handphone then no one answer.But when I call her house phone,her brother told me to call her handphone.Thia is all so confusing.The worst thing is that she doesn't reply my message which I sent to her earlier on.Hope that I would be able to contact her soon.My cip hours are very little and I would already be secondary 3 next year.Hope I can contact joan and do more cip with her in the library so that I would not have to worry anymore.Oh ya.I changed my blogskin and music yesterday.Because I have not changed them for a month already.Dats all...nothing much to say already.Bye!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Not fated.....

Why must this happen at the last minute??why I have to be sick at this time???Had fever yesterday morning and it shot up to 38 degrees.The moment I got sick,the first thing that went to my mind was "imm".I was suppose to go out with my friends on sunday to see my idols 5566.But how unlucky I am.I got sick at the last minute and my mum don let me go out .The previous time when I wanted to see 5566 was before the exams.That time my aunt invited us for a stay in the hotel.As the hotel was near marina promenade which is just a few kilemetres away,I decided to have a look at the fireworks festival at night.But when night comes,my sister say she doesn't want to go anymore as it was very crowded so in the end I did not manage to see them.Now the same thing happen.My mum told me not to go to imm as she heard me talking to my friend abt it when we were talking on the phone.I wanted to go without letting her know,but it looks like god heard me and now I became sick.Ah!!!Why must it always end up like that!!??.The last time I really get to see them was april when they had their concert in Singapore.It was so long ago.Somemore I am going to Hong Kong on the 4th december,until 18th december.And the worst thing is that they are having a Jungiery Stars concert on the 11th december and that time I am in Hong Kong..I am really very disappointed that the exams are over and I still cannot see 5566.I think I am really not fated to see them.If I am lucky,maybe I will get to see them again if they have another concert next year.Next year is really my "last" year to see and chase them when they come to Singapore.Hope that I will get to see them the last time.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Frustration and Infuriation....

Hi peepz...long time never blog already.The first week of my school holidays are ending and nothing much has been done.Went to Janice's house today to do my chinese homework and we also played Playstation 2.We fought against each other and sometimes Janice wins and then sometimes I win.Then we went to Tampines Mall and each ate a set of Japanese meal.It was delicious.All the scrambled eggs and sauce lingering in my mouth.Yum!Then we went to the Tampines Regional Library to borrow books for our school holidays chinese homework.But in the end we did not manage to find a single book so we went back empty handed.After that Janice called her cousin then they went to Bugis together while I went home because I was feeling tired.That's all for today.All was well except when I was watching "The Champion".The show makes me infuriated.There was a girl named "Kaixin" who liked a boy named "JiaJun"eversince they met each other on the bus.KaiXin's best friend "YiLin" was there at that time and did not like the boy at all.But after some time,she started to like him so she always spoils the date of "JiaJun" and "KaiXin".She even purposely try to harm "KaiXin"."YiLin's" bitchy act really makes me mad.But luckily "JiaJun" only likes "KaiXin".But there is a lot of confusion in the show as everytime "JiaJun" tries to patch up with "KaiXin","YiLin" will show up and "KaiXin" will think that "JiaJun" is trying to spite her."JiaJun" is a cowardly boy and he does not dare to tell "YiLin" that he actually doesn't like her.When he was telling her the truth halfway,she would change the topic and pretend that nothing has happened.Whereas "KaiXin" is a petty girl girl.All the confusions causes the audiences to be very angry and frustrated at the same time.That was what I felt.But I think that "YiLin" ia really a very bitchy girl and I hope that "JiaJun" would be with "KaiXin" in the end."KaiXin" was betrayed by her bestfriend all the while and she doesn't even realises it.I hope that she would find out the truth about her "best"friend as soon as possible.Ok.thats all about the show.I think I am obsessed with it.It's late already.I think I better stop here now.Bye!GdNite!




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