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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hi!Long time never blog already.I was so busy these few days.Went to my cousin's house and stayed there for 2 nights so I didn't have the chance to blog.So happy.I just rebond my hair yesterday and my hair looks so flat and smooth now.hahaz.I will be having a barbecue party tomorrow with my neighbours to celebrate the coming new year.School will be starting soon and the holidays seem to have just started yesterday.It's so fast.First I was going to school for the last day and now my holidays are over.Really hope that this coming year will past quickly so I can go for holiday and play with my cousins again.My aunty will be giving birth soon.On the 24th of January.Yeah!Another baby cousin to play with.Especially it is a girl.Can't wait.Hope that I will have better results for my exams this coming year and I also hope that I will success in everything that I do.Lastly,I hope to buy 5566's new album and go for their concert(if have) next year.Thats all I think.Bye!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Today is my 5th day in Hong Kong and I just heard from my uncle that we arre not taking train to Hainan Dao,because there was not enough soft bed for all of us to sleep.We are going to take the aeroplane and I am starting to get worried because the train is much more safer then the aeroplane.I am not afraid of taking the plane,but I just don't like to take china airlines.The flight is normally very rocky compared to the singapore airlines.I actually did not want to go at all,but was forced by my parents as they wanted me to go and see my grandmother's homeland situated at the countryside.The holidays seems to get shorter and shorter.We are going to China for 4 days so it means that when we go back to Hong Kong,we only have 3 to 4 days left to play with my cousin,Janice.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

I woke up very early today as I couldn't sleep last night.I was too excited.I tossed and turned in bed,looking at the clock.This morning when I heard my mum off the alarm,then I woke up.I went to wash my face and had a bathe.After bathing,I waited for everyone to get ready their things and bathe.Then the taxi arrived.My parents and I put our luggages into the back of the taxi then went in.We waved goodbye to monicea jiejie then the taxi went on its way to the airport.At the airport,we went to the first class lounge to have a little food before boarding the plane.The flight to Hong Kong took 3 hours so I played some computer games on the plane.We also had our breakfast there.After 3 hours of waiting,we finally reached Hong Kong.Someone picked us up from the airport and drove us to my cousin's house.The trip from the airport to her house took at least half an hour.When we reached her house,she chatted to us happily,welcoming us.Then we followewd her to her ballet lesson as they were having an open house today.I watch her dancing with her fellow classmates.After her lesson had finished,we went to buy a cup of coffee ice blended each.It was delicious,but a little too sweet.Then we went shopping a while as she needs to buy some clothes for her coming ballet performance.My sister and I both bought a pants each.After shopping for sometime,we took a bus back to her home.We had fried bee hoon for dinner,with stewed beef and curried beef.It was delicious.The only pity thing was that there was no vegetables.It was a fun day for me today and I look forward to the rest of the trip.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Wake up quite late today as I had a late night last night.I woke up at 11am and had a bathe while my sister was still sleeping.After she had woke up,we went to Joan's house as she had told me to meet her at 1pm.But we arrive there early by 10 minutes so we waited for her at the bus stop.After a long wait,I decided to call her.But her brother said that she was sleeping so I asked him to help me wake her up.After she had woken up,she called me and said that her mum did not allow her to go out.It was all her brother's fault,as he told their mum about her staying up late to play the computer.So I told her nevermind and went to eat lunch with my sister at Macdonalds.We both ordered a filet o fish meal each as we were very hungry.After eating lunch,we went to Tampines Mall to shop for a while then we took a bus home.I am really getting excited by the time I reached home as we were going to Hong Kong for a holiday the next day.Time to go ....bye!.....

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Today I went back to school to buy my books for next year.After that I went to the temple with my mum as she wanted to go and pray.After praying,my mum and I went to eat "Yong Tau Fu"then we took a mrt to Bouna Vista as I had an appointment at NUH.It was finally my turn to see the docter after a long wait.After that,my mum and I took a cab back home as we were rushing for my younger sister's ballet recital which was held at the Kallang Teatre.We had a quick dinner then changed and waited for my dad to come back.After he had eaten and changed,we went to Kallang Teatre together.The recital was 3 and a half hours.After 3 hours,I was already sleepy and could only close my eyes and listen to the music.Overall,I had a really busy day today and I am getting tired now.Got to go sleep now.!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sob.sob.Sylvester did not won the Singapore Idol competieon in the end.But nevermind.I will continue to support him.He rocks man.So cute also.Went out wif joan today to buy things for our hamster.Spent about 50 plus.Wa...all my money gone.But nevermind.I must also contribute to keeping the pet clean and healthy.Two more days then I will be going to Hong Kong already.Yeah!So excited.Long time never go overseas already.Will be packing my own bag tomorrow.Nothing uch to say liao.I guess it is time for me to go to sleep already.Bye everyone!Goodnite!




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