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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Went to bedok library again today as usual.Did cip for 2 hours then went to eat lunch with joan.I am really getting excited now.Tomorrow I will be shopping with my mum and my sister for chinese new year clothes.We are going to "This Fashion".Nothing much to say today,oh ya.Yesterday I went for the Chinese Calligraphy cca tryout.Hope that I will be able to fully become a member of the club by the end of next week.Chinese new year is coming in 1 week's time.I am looking forward to it.Can visit relatives in new clothes and collect "ang bao".So bored...nothing to say liao.Catcha 18~er..

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I actually have chinese homework to do tonight but I have already done all of them during homework time today.Had quite a nice day at school today.Listening to "I Won't Give Up" from "Ge Dou Tian Wang ost"now.Realise that I really miss "him" a lot.About 9 months never see him liao.Wonder how he is now...Hope that during the few days of chinese new year 5566 will come to Singapore to promote their "Ge Dou Tian Wang ost",so that I can see xiezhi again.Really wonder when is the next time I can get to see him.Maybe not so soon...haiz..really envy those fans that get to shake their hands or get their signature.I have been to almost every one of their autograph session but don't even get the chance to queue up for their signature.Really hope that one day I will get the chance to get close to him and get his autograph...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Today's first session of the photograohy club was not so good.I have decided at the last minute that I prefer to join the Chinese Calligraphy.The good thing about Chinese Calligraphy is that there is only one session per week and that one session is only about 2 hours.Learnt new things during history lesson today.WAH!So difficult one..Tomorrow is the due date for the physics quiz.Hope that I have done the correct one if not later teacher will say I never do.My good friend said to me today that I am sometimes a bit too unreasonable,and I tink wat she said is quite true.Among all the friends that I have,most of them are from my class so I not really have any friends from the school.I only hang around with Joan and I tend to rely on her.Maybe I should change.But also hope that the boys will give me a chance to do so.During my past two years in Temasek Secondary School,I have never talk to a boy in my class before.I don't have the guts to do so.Maybe I am not good at making friends on my own.I only rely on them to approach me...I pray for a miricle to happen...

Monday, January 24, 2005

Argh!! Really very angry about her attitude.Backstab people then don't dare to admit.Bu Yao Lian.I will not let her harm my best friend one.Must look out for my friend.I know what tricks she have so I won't fall for it.Anyway,ta yi jing gei bie ren huai ying xiang le.So I don't need to worry.Okay.Enough about her.Tomorrow I will be attending the first session of my new cca,photography club.Can't wait.Somemore going to join with my good friend.But I am still angry that tomorrow because of my cca,I cannot go with my sis to her ballet lesson which means that I cannot go out and buy new clothes for the coming chinese new year.No matter what,I must really learn to relax.So that I will not be agitated so easily by "her"...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sianz...tomorrow must go back to school again.Getting tired of all the homework time.Hope that miss shirin will confirm about joan's transfer to photography club tomorrow if not tuesday I have to go for the new cca alone.But luckily my friend Janice,her dear is also in the cca so at least I know someone in the club.My dad bought a new car today.Seven seater.Yeah!Next time I will have space to sit liao.Chinese new year coming soon...bought a new pair of shoes at Bata today.Will be buying my new clothes this friday.Can't wait for this week to be over soon so that on the 4th of february I can collect my "Ge Dou Tian Wang" picture book laioz.Need to go to sleep already if not tomorrow morning cannot wake up.Bye!Gd Nite!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Yeah!!I have already went to lucky plaza with my sister yesterday to collect the "Ge Dou Tian Wang ost" that I have preordered a few days ago.Besides collecting collecting the cd,I also preordered the "Ge Dou Tian Wang" pictorial book.Can't wait to collect it on the 4th of February,which is about two weeks later.Yesterday night we went to a chinese restaurant at River Valley to celebrate my mum's birthday.We had a scrumptous dinner.We went home at about 9pm and I slept only at about 12 am,as I couldn't get to sleep.Today I woke up at 8am so that I can get ready to meet Joan to do cip at the Bedok Library.We only did 1 hour today as we were tired.Now I am at my grandma's house.I have just finished memorising one of the songs in "Ge Dou Tian Wang ost" The tittle of the song is "I won't give up".Very nice!It is one of the best songs in the ost for me.But "Fang Shou Yi Bo" is also nice.Spending lots of money this few days.I will try to control myself hehe...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Yeah!!!So happy.I managed to contact Mr Oh just now and found out from him that the 14 and a half hours of cip that I have done last year had already been added to my cip hours.What a relieve to me.I was very troubled these few days as I was afraid that the from would not get to him. Now I can relax already.But there is still one thing that I have not done ,which is contacting the Chinese Calligraphy teacher-in-charge.So now I still do not have a cca yet.But not to worry,tomorrow I will be staying back at school to settle my cca problems.Today is my second day of school and I received more homework compared to yesterday.I will be finishing all of them today as the dateline is on Friday.Wah so sleepy must go to sleep now.Bye!

Monday, January 03, 2005

I am so tired....spent almost the whole day trying to contact my teachers after going home today.Everyone of them seems to be in a meeting.But I managed to contact Miss Shirin who called my handphone after getting the message that I have left in the General Office.At last I will be changing my cca tomorrow.Yeah!After a long wait,I managed to get out of my old cca.Can tell that I will be very tired after coming home from school tomorrow because I need to go to the General Office to take an application form for loaning lockers as well as going to the staffroom to find the 3 teachers that are needed for me to formally quit my C.O.Oh Ya!I also need to go to the cip locker and sign up for some cip activities.Got my cip hours today.So little.I think I will need to try to do as many cip as possible if not by the time I reach sec 5 ,there will still be not enough cip hours for me to graduate.Tomorrow I will be starting class already.Hope I can cope with my studies this year.Gtg sleep now.Try to blog soon..

Sunday, January 02, 2005

I am so excited!!!Tomorrow I will be going back to school already.My school bag was packed a long time ago and I only need to bring a few things to school tomorrow so my bag will not be that heavy.Going to wake up at 5.30 tomorrow to call joan and wake her up then we will be meeting earlier at the school bus stop before going in to the school.I am also going to meet janice.Can't believe that 2 months of holidays is so fast over,just like the blink of an eye.I will be sleeping quite early tonight so that I can wake up tomorrow.Gtg now bye!




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