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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I have not blogged for a long time eversince the chinese new year had started.Too busy visiting relatives and going out with my friends.Tomorrow is already happy.The weekend is here again.My cousin is coming to my house this Saturday ,together with my other aunties.They are coming over for a meal.I am so stressed out these few days.Many tests are coming next week and I have to study for 3 tests.Chemistry,principles of accounts and "food and nutrition".Hope that I can cope with all of them. don't want to fail any one of my tests.Still waiting to collect the "Ge Dou Tian Wang" pictorial book from the "House Of Starz".The owner of the shop said that it has not been published yet and will only be ready by March.Really looking forward to the day when I will be collecting it.OKay,I gtg now..Bye!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Went to my uncle's house yesterday night to celebrate my cousin's one month birthday.It was the first time I see her.Her name is Joi Chan Yi Jing and she is sooo cute....She likes to sleep with her face facing at the pillow.Really wonder how she will look like after she has grown up.Can't wait to see how pretty she is.I also had a fun day at Tampines Mall with Joan yesterday.We ate sushi and mini cheese cakes for lunch.We also went to the archade to play and took neoprints at "Pretty in Tokyo".Anyway I got to go now cos my sis needs to find some pictures for her history project.Well,catcha later...:)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wat's wrong with me??Y do I feel as though I am drifting further and further from my friends???Maybe I am too quiet or sumthing like dat.But the problem is I just can't get used to being talkative again after all these years of quietness.I just can't open my damn mouth and talk!Really hope that someone could help me with this problem.I can't save myself from it.Afraid that my friendship with Joan will worsen day by day.She dosen't seem to talk with me as much as last time.Hope there is nothing wrong with our friendship.....

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

So mum and sis went to Lucky Plaza today to help me collect the "Ge Dou Tian Wang" picture book which I have ordered.But when they went there,the uncle said that it is not out yet and I can only collect it after Chinese New Year.Waaah!!I am actually excited about collecting the book by the end of this week but now I cannot even collect it next week.I have to wait until the following week then I can collect.But luckily the mv of "I won't Give Up" brightened me up.I was watching MTV when suddenly I saw this mv.It was the first time I saw this mv and especially I liked this song the best among all the songs in the "Ge Dou Tian Wang ost".My sis also told me that the VCD of "Ge Dou Tian Wang" will be out by March so that means I can preorder it anytime now.But I think I will wait until the day when I collect my picture book then preorder it at the same time.I am really getting excited over this...haha...but before I can get the chance to watch the VCD,I need to go through the ordeal of my food and nutrition practical exam which is on the 24th of February. Really hope that I will pass my exam and not embarrass myself on that day.But anyway,Chinese New Year is next week so I can enjoy myself first.Maxim invited me to go out with her and Joan after the homework time on Thursday,but I guess I won't be allowed to go....getting more and more anti-social.Just can't get along well with my friends.(In terms of joking and laughing).




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