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Monday, March 28, 2005

There is only one word to describe my day and that elder sister is now in Temasek Junior College and many people are talking about their points these few days.I can't believe that my elder sister got 6 points for her O'Level exam.She sp pro sia..and the reason why I am stresed out these few days is because I kept thinking that I will be Secondary 4 by next year and that scares me out of my wits because I will be having my N'Level exam next year,followed by my O'Level exam the following year.Ah!!!I am really having problems with my History. Just can't squeeze all the information into my small pathetic brain.I always get really stressed out when I am studying my Hisotry.Why????Someone please help me....I am really afraid that I will not be able to go to Polytechnic because of my lousy results.Besides history, I am also having problems with my English and the most important thing is that if I were to fail my English, I will not be promoted to Secondary 5.How???? Argh!! Studies are getting harder and harder the higher level you go to. I wonder if I will be able to cope with my studies by the time I reach Secondary 5. Just don't understand why life is such a struggle.Only when you reach an age of 60 then you can relax and enjoy life.But by that time we are already so sick and weak.Nothing for us to choice.This is LIFE...the is the nature of the world.No one can change it.Anyway, I just hope that I can improve my History and English so that I will not have problem being promoted.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

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hao jie mei~

Wah...seems like I so long never write my blog liao.Not free.Went out with my sisters today.We left the house at 10.15a.m to go to KBox which is situated at Marine Parade.We sang lots of songs.About 20+ for three hours.We also had lunch at KBox where they give us a choice of different meals.But they charge us according to the different prices.Donnoe why I am so obsessed with Guang Liang's song titled "Tong Hua" these few days.Just like to listen it over and over again.After singing, we went to Tampines Mall to take neoprints as well as window shop.My elder sister treated me and my younger sister to MacDonalds for McFlurry and sis so good Haiz...10th April is coming really soon.But wat to do??The more I think about it, the more depress I will feel.No matter what, I still won't be able to have the chance to see "him".I only can dream of seeing "him".But still I don't have the luck to see "him" even in my dreams.Why???? I really miss "him" a lot.I really want to see "him" again as aoon as possible.God, please grant my wish.This is the last year I can get to see "him" already.After that I won't be able to see him anymore, or even forever.Sob...Maybe it's because I don't have the fate to see "him".

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Wat a fun day I had going out with my mei, Janice today. We went to Heeren to shop and we ate our dinner at Marche.But we only ordered side dishes.Donnoe why I am getting more and more crazy about cyndi wang.Not because I am a lesbian, but I think that she is really pretty and cute.I envy her.Got my progress report on friday.I improved.I got 8th in my class position.But now I must work harder so that my result can mantain and not drop.I will be going to Sigit's house tomorrow to do my physics project.So sianz...nothing to tok about.Haiz...miss my darling a lot...wonder how he is now.Heard that he will be coming on the 10th of April.But too bad,I will not be able to see him then.Because I will be studying for my exams during that period.Haven't seen him since last year after the concert, which is on the 5th of May.Really hope that I will be able to see him again soon.Seems to me that we are not fated to meet each other.Last time when I almost had the chance to go and see him,I fell ill,so in the end didn't go and see him.Sigh...maybe that concert is the last time that I get to see him.Sob.sob..Xiezhi...

3 temasekians + 1 dunmanian haha... frends 4 ever!

3 flowers... haha xiao mei, me and my mei janice

my mei and her darling

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sigh....I am having a very bad headache now.Just can't stop thinking about what my friend had said.Am I really dat bad to the boys???Juz becoz I don't have the habit of smiling, they start to gossip abt me to the whole class.Almost every malay boy hate me.Except one or two.Must I really take the initiative to change myself?? I am really very stressed out due to this matter.Wat must I do to change the malay boys thinking of me? help!!! I really need some counselling.I am wat I am and asking me to change myself is a very difficult thing for me.I donnoe how to open up, and at the same time, no one can help me cos its my own problem.But luckily I still have some friends who will support me and guide me along.Hope that the boys hatred of me will go away soon.I will try my very best to change myself.This is a real tough job for me to tackle.Hope dat all things will go well by the end of my secondary education.




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