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Friday, April 22, 2005

Hiaz.....exams are coming really soon...but I juz can't concentrate on my studies.My results seem to be deproving.I really donnoe what I can do to relax and improve my studies.I really hope that I can pass my History,Maths and Principles of Account exams.I want to pass all my exams and not get a single F9.That is my dream...I really hope that I can achieve it.

Monday, April 11, 2005 time spent with 5566 seems so short.Although I did enjoy myslef yesterday,xiezhi never look up when he signing my sad.I go all the way there then in the end I did not get to see his heart melting smile at a close diatance.Really miss 5566 a lot.Especially xiezhi.They have already going back to TaiWan le.I am so depressed.Donnoe when is the next time they are coming to Singapore again.So that means I will have to wait and see.Because I went under the sun for quite a long time yesterday,now I feel sick.Tomorrow got MC.Ah!!!!Exams are coming in about three weeks time.So nervous..haiz...hope that I will get out of this depressing mood as soon as possible.If not I will not be able to concentrate in my studies then will affect my exams..




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