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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Haiz...somethings really wrong..I feel very happy when I am in church but the moment I reached home, I start to become gloomy..Maybe its because no one understands me..its not that I wanna abandon my family after knowing God, but they just don't seem to understand.Maybe its not that they don't understand..amybe its persecution...Really hope that one day they will understand...
Anyway, went to church today with Cuen Cuen and JiXian.Today's service was fun and interesting..Pastor Ulf came all the way from Sweden to preach to us.I couldn't resist the temptations of buying the "Cross" dvd, so I borrowed 25 bucks from Cuen Cuen today to buy the dvd.Will return the money to her later on Friday during Cell Group Meeting.The next time I will be going for church service will be one month later, which is after my final term exams..sigh..muz wait so long before I can go back there again.All I can do now is to pray that my parents will allow me to go to church for one last time before the September holidays end, which is the last day of Sep holidays..:)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Feel much relaxed after talking to sister cuen cuen..But I really hope that she will not come and disturb me anymore...saw her crying today after her friend told her that the dish she cooked was awful.Now she know how I feels when she herself hurt other people by words.God, I pray that you will guide me and help me in overcoming her and not being affected by her.In Jesus name I pray,Amen.
Had my practical test today...was shocked that Mdm Farizah gave me 20 marks out of 24 marks.My dish was quite plain and I thought that I will get low band for this test,but it turns out that Mdm Farizah liked the taste and texture of my dish so she gave me high band.So happy!But compared to the practical exam which I will be having in 1 week time,this is nothing.Really hope that all will turn well on the day of my exam..I don want to fail this project which takes up 60% of my overall grade for Food and Nutrition...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Donnoe why my computer is so lag this few days..maybe keep too many files le.Anyway,had quite a good day at school today.Both the History and Food and Nutriton tests are easy.I can managed.So happy that I am part of E328 le..after some confirmation.Donnoe whether its coincidence or what,ever since I accepted Jesus to come into my life,things were getting easier for me.I no longer feel so stressed up like last time.And surprisingly, all my tests results were quite good.Maybe its because I really studied hard for it...Wonder if tomorrow have entreprise meeting or not..hope don't I can come back home early to do my own revision.Okay,I think thats enough.I have to go and do my English summary homewrok le..Cya!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Went to church fun!!Me,Joan,JunJie and John.Finally I dare to raise my hand and worship my Lord,Jesus.Most of the songs we sang today were from the "Cross" album.All very nice.Hope that I can go to church again next week.So sad,Sister cuen cuen cannot come on Wednesday beocs my Dad is still at home.But nevermind,I will persevere.Wait for a few more months when I am closer to her then she will come and visit me le.She so a big sister to me.But don't worry my best friend,Joan,I will still hang out with you de..I will not Pang Sei you de..Haiz,been to church for a few times le,but donnoe why I still cannot feel the presence of God. I am really hungry for His touch.But I will wait slowly and see how it goes later on.Gtg peepz..nitez..God Bless Everyone!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Enjoyed myself a lot at the cell group meeeting yesterday..this week was not really a cell group meeting but rather it is a party.We played games,worship and praise the lord by singing and Sister Serene preached.The best part of the party which I liked was when Brother ZhiTao,my best friend as well as Sister, Joan, and Sister Cuen Cuen share with us their habits and character before they went to church and how they changed after going for church service and cell group meetings.I envy them a lot how God has changed thier life. I am just beginning to go to church and yesterday was the first time I ever attend a cell group meeting.Hope that as time passes, I will grow to know God more and change my life. Felt so "warm" in Russell's house yesterday.Because I am a new member,almost everyone treated me well. Some offered me drinks and food during dinner time, while Sister Serene offered me a cup of water before our meeting start.That was the first time someone offered me a sweet the water was to me...then when Sister Caylin came, she talked to me and played with my hair..keke. At night, when we were having our dinner,Sister Cuen Cuen chat with me. This is the first time in my life I ever felt so close to a person whom I have met for the first time..the Sisters are really approachable. I hope to know them more and be friends with everyone in the cell group.Of course I will never forget that I am able to have all this happiness in my life is becos of my bestfriend, Joan.If she didn't invite me to church, I will never be so happy like now.Thanks Joan!:)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I am a changed person....

Didn't blog for a long time le..cos I was busy...realise that I have changed a lot since I went to church with my bestfriend,Joan.I am a much happier person now...cos I know that there is a person out there who will always help me and comfort me when I need help...and that person is none other then, Lord Jesus as well as Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.I have found more meaning to life this few days and learnt how to love and care for my siblings and parents more..the only thing that shocked me was the sudden change of not looking for info on idols and stuff..donnoe why I suddenly don't have interest in 5566 anymore..juz feel like going to church and learning more about Jesus.The best thing is, I am now a member of E328 cell group in City Harvest Church..amazing isn't it? I only went to church 2 times and I have already made more then 5 new friends.I am really getting excited now..cos tomorrow my dad's coming back from Hong Kong after being there more almost a month,but the best thing is..tomorrow there will be a combined cell group meeting..the only thing is it will be a party instead of the normal cell group meeting.Can't wait!!This is the first time I attend cell group meeting..hope all will turn out right tomorrow..Dats about it..Goodnight Heavenly Father,Lord Jesus and Holy Sprit...
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