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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Haiz...somethings really wrong..I feel very happy when I am in church but the moment I reached home, I start to become gloomy..Maybe its because no one understands me..its not that I wanna abandon my family after knowing God, but they just don't seem to understand.Maybe its not that they don't understand..amybe its persecution...Really hope that one day they will understand...
Anyway, went to church today with Cuen Cuen and JiXian.Today's service was fun and interesting..Pastor Ulf came all the way from Sweden to preach to us.I couldn't resist the temptations of buying the "Cross" dvd, so I borrowed 25 bucks from Cuen Cuen today to buy the dvd.Will return the money to her later on Friday during Cell Group Meeting.The next time I will be going for church service will be one month later, which is after my final term exams..sigh..muz wait so long before I can go back there again.All I can do now is to pray that my parents will allow me to go to church for one last time before the September holidays end, which is the last day of Sep holidays..:)




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