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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Haiz...i tried..but to no avail...I still cannot learn how to control my feelings...i still get stressed up when the exams are near..all the stuffs which I have to squeezed into my pathetic brain...Food and Nutrition, Social Studies, History,Maths, Chemistry and last but not least, Physics...only chinese and P.O.A donnID to some also...haiz..Jesus, help me!

Targets for my year end overall results:

Subjects Grade

1.English A2
2.Chinese A1
3.Maths B4
4.Chemistry A2
5.Physics A1
6.Food and Nutrition A1
7.Social Studies A2
8.Elec.History A2
9.P.O.A A1

Saturday, September 10, 2005

back from hong kong was nice spending time with my family mum, elder sis, younger sis and I went shopping almost everyday..We arrived at hong kong on the 3rd of Sep, then went back to our second home to put down our belongings then had dinner at the clubhouse with my relatives staying there. After dinner, we went to venture the clubhouse and its various facilities. We came to a stop at the games room with many facilities inside. There was billard, mini soccer where we use our hands to play and a kind of arcade game which I have no idea what's it called,but it can only be played but 2 person. Each person will stand at one end of the table and the aim of the game is to try and push a chip into the opponent goal without letting your opponent do the same. Anyway, after playing for a few hours, my relatives went back home while my family and I went back to our house and rest for the night.
The next day, we went to visit my dad's friend and had luch together in a chinese restaurant. The food in hong kong was delicious! For the next few days, my mum, elder sis, younger sis and I went shopping in the morning till bought a lot of stuffs including clothes, sweets and stuffs..only thursday we stayed at home bacause we wanted to rest before our flight back to singapore, later in the afternoon.
The thing that really caught my attention during my stay in hong kong was the schools..there were a few schools which I saw had a church beside it and they are
under one compound, which means that pupils can go to the church anytime they good...there is also a hospital called the "St Pauls Hospital"

So happy that I got first in class for this term..I feel really blessed by God. Never in my life have I thought about getting 1st in class, cos there were classmates better then me..I am really thankful for God's blessings..
Final term exam coming le..I will study hard and try my best in the exams..but Lord, I pray that you will guide me through all the exams and help me to maintain my standard..In Jesus name I pray, amen.

P.s I will reap what I have sowed.God will definitely multiply the seeds which I have planted..




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