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Monday, October 31, 2005

I am really very mentally tired le...just donnoe whats wrong with me these few days. My friends said that eversince the israeli's students came, my attitude has changed. But the fact is because I am supposed to take care of her since I am her host. I really am not trying to please her, but just trying to do my part as a host, since I have signed up for this exchange programme.On the first few days, I did not really talk or entertain her, so was reprimanded by the teacher. However, now when the programme was about to end in a few days time, my friends said I am too focused on trying to please her and had forsaken God without knowing. I admit that because of the exchange programme, I missed about 2 cell group meetings and 2 church services.Which means that I have not worshipped and praised God for 2 whole weeks. No wonder my fellow friends will say that I am too keen on pleasing my buddy, instead of God. But, I also have my own difficulties. I did not plan for this whole thing to turn out this way. But now since it has already happened, I should try to solve this problem myself. However, I am really sad that some of my friends were not really happy with me because of this incident. What I want to say is, I really did not thought of forsaking God because of her. I don't want everyone to be unhappy because of me.
Afterall, my birthday is coming soon and I have already planned long ago to celebrate at my house with all E328 members.But now it seemed that Cuen is quite disappointed with me, so I donnoe whether she will come...sobsob..hope that it will "Yu Guo Tian Qing" and everything will be back to normal after the exchange programme has ended..Cuen and Joan, sorry for disappointing you all..


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