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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The israeli students have been in singapore for about 3 and a 1/2 fays already...time really flies.I am quite happy that I joined this exchange programme, because I could learn about the life of students in israel, their culture and some of the common words pronounced in Hebrew.My buddy is so beautiful...unlike me..dats why sometimes I feel that I am the odd one out during excursions,my buddy tok to her israeli friends and I left alone..stoning at one is really terrible without joan, my best friend. I think in the whole world, only Lord, Jesus, and Joan understands me...sometimes I think that Joan is a gift from God, because I really can't tink of other people who is close to me. People whom I can pour out my feelings to..sometimes I wonder, what would happen to me if I lose Joan as a friend?? I think I will suffer from depression and end up in the asylum. I know dat no man is perfect, except for God, but so far to me, besides God, Joan is the second person who really understands me well. Joan, I will always treat and regard you as my best friend forever, no matter what happens. I hope dat you will be willing to be my bestfriend forever...I cannot afford to lose the friendship which is given to me, from God..


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