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Thursday, December 01, 2005 long never blog le too lazy ba..for the past few days in hong kong, I have been going shopping and lazing around at home with my siblings.Miss my friends alot, especially joan..haha..miss all the long talks which we usually do when I am in singapore.Holidays are like ending already december le.One more month then school start le.Must really buck up next year.'N'Levels next year. I also must learnt how to be more independent next year..if not when I graduate le..then..Anyway, still in hong kong now.Will be going back to singapore in a few days time.Can't wait!Miss the life in singapore,going out with friends, going for church services and cell group meetings.
Still pondering over the 14th of dec to 16th dec thingy.There is a combined cell group chalet coming up.Donnoe whether I should go anot.Afterall I am not that kind who like to hang out at places with many people.But at the same time, I also want to take this good opportunity to socialise"Jing Tui Liang Nan". A lot of E328 outing I already missed I don wan to keep on missing..I am part of E328 too...cannot always suddenly just disappear..sigh..I think I must really learn how to fellowship more.This is one big hurdle I have to overcome.Not to worry.Jesus will help me in going over this "Big" hurdle.Once I am on the other side of the hurdle, then I will not be so "quiet" le.Hope this miracle will happen on me.I really want to be changed from a "quiet" girl to a girl who knows how to socialise with others.Can't wait for my walk with Jesus next year. I am sure I will succeed if I persevere




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